School of Engineering

Solar Thermal Utilization and Thermal EEnergy Storage Lab

Brief Description about the lab:

This lab is intended to work on thermal utilization andthermal energy storage research

Academic Programs to be supported /Teaching UG & PG Courses:

M Tech (Mechanicalengineering with specialization in energy systems), M Tech (energy engineering with specialization in materials)

Broad research areas:

Thermal Energy.

Faculty In-charge:

Dr. P. Anil Kishan , Dr.Satvasheel Powar, Dr. Atul Dhar

Users & potential collaborators

Institute faculty members:Dr. P. Anil Kishan, Dr. Atul Dhar, Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Dr.SatvasheelPowar, Dr. Tushar Jain (SCEE), Dr. Gaurav Bhutani, Dr. ArtiKashyap (SCEE)

List existing facility

1. Solar Parabolic trough collector system

Project Title

2. Pyranometer

Project Title

3. Data acquisition system

4. Pyrheliometer

Project Title