School of Engineering

Smart Material & Structure Research Laboratory


Brief Description about the lab:

The design and implementation of smart structures necessitatethe integration of 1) smart sensors and actuators, 2) structural analysis and design, and 3) intelligent electronics and control techniques. The field of smart structures is one of several areas of science (i.e.,physics) and engineering where knowledge is distributed in several disciplines and requires integrationinto a single functional unit. The aim of Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory (SMSL) is to providestate-of-the-art facilities for the teaching, research and development of novel smart materials andstructures technologies, and to design and implement smart devices for enhancing the adaptability,functionality, and precision of structural systems Courses to be supported: Mechanics of solid (ME206), Mechanical Vibration (ME602),Introduction to smart material and structure (MEXXX)

Academic Programs to be supported /Teaching UG & PG Courses:

B. Tech, M.Tech, MS & PhD

Broad research areas:

Polymer composites, metal matrix composites, microwave, curing, cladding, FEM, mechanical testing.

Faculty In-charge:

Dr. Rajeev Kumar

Users & potential collaborators

1. Dr, Rahul Vaish
2. Dr. M Talha
3. Dr.Himashu Pathak
4. Dr Arpan Gupta
5. Prof. Dr-Ing. JörgWallaschek, Leibniz Universitat Hannover Germany
6. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Seemann Institute of Engineering Mechanics/Dynamics /Mechatronics Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
7. Prof. Michael Sinapius, TU Braunschweig, Germany



List of Experiments:

Following experiments have been planned for UG and PG teaching
1. Vibration Characteristics of Aluminum Cantilever & Simply supported Beam using Piezoelectric
Sensors, Magnetostrictive Sensors, & Optical fiber
2. Active Beam Shape Control using PZT Patch & SMA Actuators
3. Active vibration control of smart structure
4. Energy Harvesting using piezoelectric material

List existing facility

1. Piezo Sensing System

Project Title

2. Piezoelectric Patches

Project Title

3. Active Band Pass Filter System

Project Title

4. Piezo Actuation System

Project Title

5. Power Oscillator for driving VibrationGenerator

Project Title

6. Charge Amplifier

Project Title

7. Voltage Amplifier

Project Title

8. Creep Testing machine

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