School of Engineering

Nanofabrication for Energy Materials


Academic programs to be supported:

Fabrication of porous materials for M. Tech Energy Engineering Course.

Brief details of lab:

Nanofabrication for Energy Materials lab is designed to facilitate manufacturing of highly porous 1D or 2D materials for applications pertaining to fuel cell, supercapacitor, battery etc.
The students are mentored by two faculties- Dr.Sumit Sinha Ray and Dr. Rik Rani Koner,who bring two different expertise- namely, electrospinning of polymers for energy materialsproduction and chemical synthesis of metal organic materials for further fabrication of activematerials respectively, who are collaborating for the abovementioned purpose, where a facile,cost-effective synthesis of large-scale energy materials is targeted. This lab is so far inbuilding phase with the following instrument present/ in development stage, albeit the centralfacility, Advance Materials Research Center, is also often used for material synthesis-
*Fume hood
*In house-built electrospinning apparatus
*Analytical weighing balance
*Hot air oven
*Water filtration unit (in development stage)
*Pool boiling set up (in development stage)

The students are working on the following domains, some in accord with the vision of IIT Mandi and our very own Energy centers, however not limited to energy materials only- Development of porous 1D architecture of metal oxide for Hydrogen Evolution and Oxygen Reduction studies for fuel cell applications.
Large scale synthesis of carbon based nanofibrous composites impregnated with metal organic materials for energy storage and fuel cell application. Waste water treatment, water filtration and pollutant removal withsynthetic/biopolymer fiber membrane. Heat transfer via pool boiling and microchannel cooling for thermal management ofmicroelectronics. So far 8 students are involved in the said research areas, including both masters and PhDscholars. The research work of this lab is heavily complimented by AMRC facilities likeFESEM, TEM, XRD, UV-Vis, TGA-DSC, FTIR, AAS, Electrochemical Work Station, XPS etc.

Faculty In-charge:

Dr.Sumit Sinha Ray and Dr. Rik Rani Koner

Brood research areas:

• Fuel cell, batteries and supercapacitor.
• Waste water treatment, water filtration
• Heat transfer via pool boiling and microchannel cooling

Users & potential collaborators:

a) Institute faculty members: Dr. Atul Dhar, Dr. Aditi Halder (potential)
b) Industries: Not yet

List of existing facility in lab

1. Fume hood

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2. In house-built electrospinning apparatus

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3. Analytical weighing balance

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4. Hot air oven

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5. In house-built solution-blowing apparatus