School of Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory (extension)


Lab intended for:


Academic programs to be supported:

CE 302, CE 402, CE505, CE504, CE605.

Faculty In-charge:

Dr Kala Venkata Uday(In charge) , Dr Mousumi Mukherjee

Contact Person:

Sanjeev Kumar, Technical Lab Asst.

List of existing facility in lab

1. Large Direct Shear Machines

Project Title

Large Direct Shear Machines test the shear resistance between a geosynthetic or geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) and the contact surface of a large soil sample according to test methods.

2. Humidity Chamber

Project Title

A humidity chamber offers a wide range of standard and custom solutions for any testing program. Environmental testing with a humidity chamber helps improve product reliability and durability. Humidity chambers are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and performance configurations. All humidity chambers come with a standard temperature range for combined temperature and humidity testing.

3.Distillation Unit

Project Title

4. Hot Air Oven

Project Title

Hot air ovens are electrical devices which use dry heat to sterilize. They were originally developed by Pasteur. Generally, they can be operated from 50 to 300 °C, using a thermostat to control the temperature.

5. Constant Head Permebeality Apparatus

Project Title

To determine the coefficient of permeability of a soil using constant head method.

6. Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Project Title

It is equipped with electronic digital display for load and elongation.