School of Engineering

Functional Ceramics Laboratory

Brief details & justification of lab:

We work in the area of glasses, glass-ceramics andpolycrystalline ceramics for energy and clean environment applications. Major areas ofresearch are energy storage, energy harvesting and clean water. We seek materials based solutions in above mentioned areas.There are 5-6 PhD and 2-3 MS students who are using research facilities in this lab at atime. Materials fabricated in this lab have been exploring for different aspects in otherlabs such as smart materials laboratory, design lab as well as in other school’s labs.

Academic programs to be supported/Teaching UG & PG Courses:


Faculty In-charge:

Dr. Rahul Vaish and Dr. Rajeev Kumar

Broad research areas:

Energy storage, waste energy harvesting, waste water treatment, and piezoelectric sensing and actuation.

Users & potential collaborators’:

a)Institute faculty members: Dr.Aditi Halder, Dr. Vishal Singh Chauhan, Dr. Viswanath Balakrishnan

List of existing facility in lab

1. PE loop tracer

Project Title

2. DC transformers

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3. Contact angle measurement

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4. d33 meter

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