Some externaly funded Research/Consultation projects:

  1. 2021-2022: Seismic safety evaluation of lifeline buildings in Mandi district - HPSDMA (as Co-PI)

  2. 2021-2022: Third-party quality inspection of upcoming PMGSY bridges in Mandi, Kullu, and Chamba districts of Himachal Pradesh - HP PWD (as PI)

  3. 2020-2021: Structural safety evaluation of a multistorey hostel building at Govt. Degree College Theog, Shimla - HIMUDA (as PI)

  4. 2017-2021: Modelling of hydraulic diffusivity and its application in the FE simulation of moisture transport in concrete for assessing corrosion risk - SERB ECR grant (as PI)

M.Tech. Major Projects:

  1. 2022-2023: Mixture proportioning to minimize cement content in concrete based on optimum particle packing - Tarun Kumar

  2. 2021-2022: FE vs. graphical analyses of unreinforced masonry vaults - Aditya Mahajan

  3. 2020-2021: Influence of process variables on the adibatic rise of temperature in mass concrete dams - Deepak Kumar

  4. 2020-2021: Repeatability of IS tests for the physical and chemical characterization of PPC - Rohit Rawat

  5. 2020-2021: Flexural behaviour of FRC comprising of pine needles in artificially degraded states - Akhil Verma

  6. 2020-2021: Design of a Pauli truss footbridge - Jai Dorle

  7. 2020-2021: Finite element analysis of temperature distribution in concrete pavements for cold conditions - Puneeta Dutta (DAAD KOSPIE scholar)

  8. 2019-2020: Effect of corrosion on the moment-curvature relationship of RCC flexure member - Sumit Kumar

  9. 2019-2020: Modelling the compressive strength of ordinary concrete based on UPV-RN data - Mohammad Masibul

  10. 2019-2020: A study of the water absorption characteristics of thermally damaged ordinary concrete - Mohammad Talha Siddiqui

M.Tech. Minor Projects:

  1. 2022: Development of a simple setup to characterize concrete surface roughness - Saugandh Raj

  2. 2021: Funicular analysis of masonry vaults - Aditya Mahajan

  3. 2021: Mixture proportioning by ACI-aggregate suspension method - Sheriff Chadha

  4. 2021: Study of durability issues related to concrete structures and their design based remidies - Vageesh Kumar Dixit

  5. 2020: Validity of a hydraulic diffusivity model based on pore-size distribution characteristics – Ajay 

  6. 2020: A preliminary study on the form finding of a minimum-weight simple truss using graphic statics – Arjun Chauhan 

  7. 2020: A preliminary study on the form finding of a minimum-weight 2D cable using graphic statics – Aman Thakur 

  8. 2020: Study of eQUEST as a building energy simulation tool – Divya Yadav 

  9. 2020: Taguchi analysis of the effect of mortar joint characteristics on the compressive strength of fired clay brick prisms - Deepak Kumar

  10. 2020: Chemical treatment of pine needle to improve its potential as a fibre reinforcement for cementitious composites – Akhil Verma

  11. 2020: Development of a linear finite difference model to simulate the diffusion of carbondioxide in concrete - Bhavna Arya

  12. 2019: A preliminary assessment of pine biomass as fibre reinforcement for cementitious systems - Mohammad Talaha Siddiqui


  1. Residential masonry construction and their earthquake safety in the rural area of Mandi district - Ramona Sygulla, visiting M.S. (Civil Engineering) student from ILEK, University of Stuttgart under DAAD-PROMOS scholarship scheme (24 Apr. – 8 Aug. 2016)

Ph.D./Post Doc.:

  1. ‚ÄčAnalysis of the anamalous water absorption behaviour of concrete - Mahesh Kumar (Ongoing since Aug. 2022)
  2. Drying characteristics of brick, mortar and concrete - Mohammed Kamran (Submitted, Jan. 2023)

  3. Indexing of climatic severity for the durable design of steel and concrete structures in India - Sneha Das (Defended, Sep. 2022)

  4. Improved modelling of sorptivity and hydraulic diffusivity based on efficient phenomenological considerations - Korakuti Hanumanthu (Defended, Jun. 2022)

  5. Development of a hybrid analytical-numerical procedure for service load analysis of reinforced concrete box girder bridges - Patel Kashyapkumar Arvindbhai (Oct. 2016 - Mar. 2017)