School of Engineering

Composite Design and Manufacturing Research lab


Brief Description about the lab:

TThe field of composites is about materials and the way they are made in to products.Improving manufacturing technology is the greatest challenge in the field of composites.When a composite material is chosen for an application principally because of theirproperties, it is natural to choose manufacturing methods to optimise those properties. The CDML will be working in primarily to work in the areas of designing andmanufacturing of composite materials. Designing and analysis of composite materialswill be carried out using computation methods, while the manufacturing of the composite materials will be carried out using various manufacturing routes such as compressionmoulding, microwave processing. The CDML will allow School of Engineering, IITMandi to capitalise on its growing relationships with composite industry research andeducational partners. Further, with this relationship building and growth in faculty expertise follows a need to further establish and expand School of Engineering’s coreresearch capability and expertise to meet research and education demand in the compositeindustry for various engineering applications.

Academic Programs to be supported /Teaching UG & PG Courses:

B.Tech.(Mechanical), M.Tech. (Mechanical systems and Energy Materials)

Broad research areas:

Polymer composites, metal matrix composites, microwave, curing, cladding, FEM, mechanical testing.

Faculty In-charge:

Dr. Sunny Zafar

Users & potential collaborators

a) Institute faculty members: Faculty working in manufacturing of composites,
b) Industries: hydro power based, aerospace, bio-medical

List existing facility

1. High temperature microwave applicator (2.2 kW, up to 1400 °C)

Project Title

2. Polymer curing microwave applicator (1 kW, up to 700 °C)

Project Title

3. Multimode microwave applicator (0.9 kW, 300 °C)-Same as above

Project Title

4. Low speed diamond saw (200 RPM)

Project Title

5. High precision weighing balance (up to 0.1 mg)

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5. Hot air oven (up to 200 °C)

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