School of Engineering

Advanced Landslides Studies Lab


Brief Description about the lab:

Situated in Himachal Pradesh, the prime focus of the laboratory is to work towards creating facilities and developing an advance level laboratory (both experimental and numerical) in the lines of Landslides and related phenomenon. The aspects of the laboratory would be initiallylimited to develop understanding of the slope stability and analyses the parameters for earlywarning and mitigation measures as well. Since, the soil, rock and weather conditions are uniqueto this region, the study would also add to development of societal, administration and economic development of the region. Though, limited institutions have these facilities, none of them haveused them to the research inclined towards Landslides, which would be a major advantage ofsituating in this disaster prone valleys. This lab also would cater requirements of the UG and PG courses and make these courses unique.

Academic Programs to be supported /Teaching UG & PG Courses:

CE501, CE504, CE505, CE601

Broad Research Areas:

Landslide analysis, Instrumentation, Landslide Risk and Hazardanalysis, Mitigation Strategies, Remote sensing applications

Faculty In-charge:

Dr. K V Uday, Dr. Dericks P Shukla, Dr. Mousumi Mukherjee, Dr. Mahesh Reddy,

Users & potential collaborators

a) Institute faculty members: : Dr. Varun Dutt, Dr. Manoj Thakur, Dr. Shyam K Masakapalli
b) Industries: Afcons, Maccaferri Enviro Solutions Pvt Ltd., Strata Geosystems

List existing facility

1. Differential GPS

Project Title

2. Root pullout Testing Machine

Project Title

3. Slope Simulator

Project Title

4. Large direct shear apparatus for soil

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