School of Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi


  • Short listed candidates for M.Tech, MS & PhD programmes

  • Competition for the Ropeway Crossings

  • Prof. QuekSer Tong (NUS, Singapore) visited campus in the month of September and interacted with the students and faculty members. He also gave a talk on 'Identification of faulty sensor using relative partial decomposition via independent component analysis'

  • Dr. Devlina Chaterjee (IIT Kanpur) delivered a talk on 'Linear regression and its assumptions'

  • Prof. Anindya Chaterjee (IIT Kanpur) delivered a lecture on the topic 'Nonlinear oscillations and multiscale modelling'

Smart Material & Structure Lab

The aim of Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory (SMSL) is to provide state-of-the-art facilities for the teaching, research and development of novel smart materials and structures technologies, and to design and implement smart devices for enhancing the adaptability, functionality, and precision of structural systems.

Faculty in-charge : Rajeev Kumar

Research scholar:

  • Mr. C. K. Susheel (Ph.D Student)
  • Mr. Annurudh Kumar (Ph.D Student)
  • Mr. Tarun Kumar (Ph.D Student)
  • Mr. Vishrut Shah(MS Student)
  • Mr. Abishek Bangunde(MS Student)

Research Areas:

  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Smart Structure
  • Piezoelectric based Actuator & Sensor system development
  • Shape memory alloy based actuator for aerospace, biomedical, and oil exploration applications
  • Fiber optical based sensors for biomedical applications and civil applications
  • Vibration control and damping: active, passive, and semi-active
  • Advanced and nonlinear controls : Fuzzy logic Neural network controllers
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Energy Harvesting

Research highlights

  1. Active Vibration control of Antenna Reflector
  2. fig1
    Figure (a) Piezoelectric sensor (PZT-5H), (b) piezoelectric actuator (PZT-5H), (c) piezolaminated titanium beam and (d) piezolaminated titanium beam with PCB accelerometer kept inside thermal chamber
    Figure: Schematic diagram for active vibration control of smart structure
    Figure: Experimental setup for active vibration control of smart structure
    Figure: Active vibration control of parabolic antenna reflector
    Figure : Time history response of antenna reflector under thermal impact
  3. Demonstration of Beam Shaping and Steering of Antenna Reflector
  4. fig6
    Figure : Patch location for beam shaping and beam steering application
    Figure: Finite Element meshing of quarter part of the antenna reflector with boundary conditions (BC) for beam shaping application.
    Figure: Beam shaping of the antenna reflector when applied voltage to FGPM patches is +300V or -300V.
    Figure: Beam shaping of the antenna reflector when voltage of ±300V is applied simultaneously to FGPM patches
  5. Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
  6. fig10
    Figure: Experimental setup for Bistable piezoelectric energy harvesting
    Figure. Power generated by bistable piezoelectric energy harvester