Sponsored Projects: 

  1. SERB Early Career Research Award (2019-2022): Rate-dependent behavior of sand and its implications on strength prediction from field penetration tests, PI, Project cost: 29 Lakh. ‚Äč

Research Projects: 

  1. Continuum modeling of debris flows (Jointly with Dr. Gaurav Bhutani): Doctoral Research Topic of Ms. Dikshita Nath (May, 2018 - ongoing).
  2. Modeling sand behavior under high strain-rate: Doctoral Research Topic of Mr. Siddharth Pathak (August, 2018 - ongoing).
  3. Micromechanical modeling of granular material: MTech mini-project of Mr. Geethesh Naiyyalga (December, 2018 - ongoing).
  4. Bearing capacity of foundations on slopes: MTech mini-project of Mr. Atharv Anant Saurkar (December, 2018 - ongoing).