Scholarships, Awards, Honors & Invited Talks

  • Emeritus Professor, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand
    Emeritus Professor title was bestowed upon Prof. Ajit by AIT in recognition of his outstanding academic contribution during his 24 years of tenure at Asian Institute of Technology during 1994-2018.

  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Award
    Every year, Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation grants over 500 research fellowships and awards to highly qualified scholars and scientists of all nationalities on worldwide competitive basis, enabling them to undertake period of research in Germany. Details about AvH Foundation and its activities are available on Prof. Ajit was awarded this prestigious fellowship during 1989-1991 to carry out research at Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Being AvH life member offers a number of privileges such as re-invitation to spend limited period in Germany, Humboldt meetings and symposia and privileges to attend international conferences and seminars.

  • Editorial Board of Water Science and Technology
    Prof. Ajit has been on Editorial Board of the international Journal Water Science and Technology published on International Water Association (IWA), London, UK. This appointment was for the period of 3 years during August 1, 2005 to July 31, 2008.

  • Advisory board member the international journal, "Re/Views in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology (RESB)" (2002-2004).
    RESB is a well-known international journal issued by Wageningen University and published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands. Prof. Ajit was on the advisory board of RESB.

  • SERD Research Award
    Prof. Ajit was awarded SERD Research Award in August 1998 by Dean SERD, Professor Chongrak Polprasert in recognition of outstanding research performance in the fields of "Environmental Technology and Management" and "Water and Wastewater Engineering".

  • Coordinator, Asian Regional Research Programme on Environmental Technology (ARRPET)
    This was a prestigious international project funded by Sida and being implemented under the coordinatorship of Prof. Ajit. ARRPET focused on conducting research relevant to major environmental issues in Asian region by institutions involved in Asian countries. As a coordinator of ARRPET, Prof. Ajit was extensively involved in formulation, development and implementation of this prestigious project since its inception in 1998. The project was based on the concept of networking, in which 20 National Research Institutions (NRIs) from 8 Asian countries were involved besides AIT. Countries participating in ARRPET included China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand.

  • Teaching at Danish Technical University (DTU), Denmark
    During years 1999-2002, Prof. Ajit was teaching courses on "Environmental Management and Ethics" as well as "Wastewater Treatment and Management" at DTU for a class of over 50 students in fall semester each year. DTU is a highly reputed university and has international program on Wastewater Treatment and Management. This teaching activity was covered under Danida-funded twinning cooperation between AIT and DTU.

  • Director, AIT-UN Office
    From September 2008 to 2012, Prof. Ajit worked as the Director of AIT-UN Office. The AIT-UN office essentially was a link between AIT and UN agencies for facilitating various activities to be undertaken in the program. The basic function of the office was to assist UN agencies and AIT faculty in preparation of concept papers, budgets, reports, etc. for any proposed activities and to facilitate information flow across the initiatives with UN agencies.

  • Invited Referee by WWTF, Austria, International Funding Agency to review project proposal
    Prof. Ajit was invited by WWTF, Vienna Science and Technology Fund, Austria, to review project proposal entitled "Implementation of molecular biological tools for modeling and simulation of transient nitrification processes in biological wastewater treatment." Proposals were invited from international academia under WWTF "Life Sciences" Call 2005. The evaluation report was submitted to the funding agency in August, 2005.

  • Invitation by UNESCO to present position paper in Brazil
    On invitation by UNESCO, Prof. Ajit gave presentation a position paperon, "Advanced, Appropriate And Affordable Technologies For Domestic Wastewater Treatment And Reuse In Tropical Region" during UNESCO Workshop on Integrated Urban Water Management In Humid Tropics, Iguassu Falls Brazil, April, 2005.

  • Invitation by Sida to attend project appraisal meeting in Sweden
    In 2005, As the Coordinator of ARRPET, Prof. Ajit was invited by Sida to present aims, objectives, progress and open issues from various ARRPET projects. Based on