School of Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi


  • Short listed candidates for M.Tech, MS & PhD programmes

  • Competition for the Ropeway Crossings

  • Prof. QuekSer Tong (NUS, Singapore) visited campus in the month of September and interacted with the students and faculty members. He also gave a talk on 'Identification of faulty sensor using relative partial decomposition via independent component analysis'

  • Dr. Devlina Chaterjee (IIT Kanpur) delivered a talk on 'Linear regression and its assumptions'

  • Prof. Anindya Chaterjee (IIT Kanpur) delivered a lecture on the topic 'Nonlinear oscillations and multiscale modelling'

Research Collaborations

  • Novel routes for nano-crystallization of energetic compounds PI: Dr. Prem Felix Siril (SBS, IIT Mandi; Co-PI: Dr. P. P. Jose (SBS, IIT Mandi), Dr. J. K. Randhawa; Budget: INR 68.00 lakhs; Sponsor: ARMREB, DRDO; Duration: 3 years

  • Design & development of high performance synchronous machine (PMSM) based drives for motion control PI: Dr. B. S. Rajpurohit (SCEE, IIT Mandi); Co-PI: Dr. R. Kumar; Budget: INR 25.00 lakhs; Sponsor: NRB; Duration: 3 years

  • Modelling of contaminants due to radioactive liquid effluents in Rana Pratap SagarLake, Rajasthan PI: Dr. R. Ray (SBS, IIT Mandi); Co-PI: Dr. O. P. Singh; Budget: 22.00 lakhs; Sponsor: BRNS; Duration: 3 years

  • Development of analytical method to determine transient torques developed under faults and its grid interaction effects on turbine generator shaft system PI: Dr. R. Kumar; Co-PI: Dr. B. S. Rajpurohit (SCEE, IIT Mandi); Budget: INR 20.00 lakhs; Sponsor: BHEL Haridwar; Duration: 1.5 years

  • Web enabled automatic medicine dispenser for the elderly PI: Dr. K. K. Patnaik (IIITM Gwalior) ; Co-PI: Dr. V. S. Chauhan; Budget: INR 16.69 lakhs; Sponsor: DST; Duration: 2 years