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School of Engineering is working towards vision of the institute. School is committed for high standard of engineering education through outstanding teaching, innovative curricula, and excellent research environment. School offers a number of common courses for B. Tech like Design practicum, Reverse engineering, Graphics for design, Materials science, Product realization technology, Mechanics of rigid bodies, Continuum mechanics and Engineering thermodynamics along with the core courses of Mechanical and Civil stream. Presently, School of Engineering has 34 faculty members including 26 Assistant Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 1 Visiting Professor, 1 Distinguished Visiting Professor, 1 Emeritus Professor, 1 Adjunct Professor and 2 mentor professor. There are currently 72 Ph.D, 27 MS, There are three Mtech Programs: M.Tech MES 34, M.Tech EEM 26, M.Tech STE 18 & Two BTech Programs B.Tech CE 109 and B.Tech ME 159 students in the school. M. Tech. in Machanical engineering with specialigation in Energy systems has been introduced this year. The main areas of research are broadly classified as Materials and Design, Thermo-fluidsEngineering, Energy Efficient Buildings and Infrared Signatures. In Materials and Design area, the focus is towards the development of materials for sensor, actuator & energy harvesting applications and analysis of smart structures and systems. In thermo-fluids engineering, faculty members are investigating Radiative heat transfer, Nano-scale heat transfer and Flow analysis & Heat transfer analysis of IC engines. Additionally, molten metals/alloys are also being explored in the school. Energy efficient systems coverclimate change studies,applications of phase change materials towards energy efficient buildings and the use of non-conventional energy sources at IIT Mandi to enhance energy efficiency. The school has successfully installed a number of equipment in Solid Mechanics and Materials laboratories.

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I will be more than happy to introduce the school of engineering to you. We have two graduate and two postgraduate programs as of now. Apart from this, we also have many dedicated research opportunities in different research areas under M.S. and Ph. D. programs. Hope you will find every information needed regarding the courses taught in undergraduate and postgraduate levels, research interests and opportunities, industrial collaboration and, of course the details of the staff members in the School’s website.